Ryder-Heil Bronze Inc.

At Ryder-Heil Bronze we use state of the art equipment to manufacture the parts you need, at your specifications. We welcome all orders large and small, and when we don't already supply what you need we will work with you and your blueprints to provide you with the parts you need.

Ryder-Heil has been in the bronze business for over 100 years, opening it shop in 1910. Our workforce of 35 employees is commited to providing you with the best experience possible knowing that our customer loyalty depends on it.

Starts in the Foundry

With a large variety of Bronze alloys, and a melt capacity of 1500 lbs. we can deliver a felxible solution.

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Finishes in the Machine Shop

Using our CNC mill and lathe, combined with CAD/CAM inferfacing we machine the exact part you need.

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Conflict-Free Minerals

We work with our suppliers to ensure our minerals abide by the Conflict Mineral rule Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act