Our Machine Shop

When Ryder-Heil Bronze was founded in 1910, customers could only receive unfinished castings from its original foundry. Ryder-Heil's business grew and demands began to change, and in 1928 a machine shop was added. By 1997 the machine shop was replaced with a new modern machinery capable of delivering parts specific to customer's blueprints. Today they are able to supply their customer with bronze bearings, bronze bushings, bronze wear plates, and bronze thrust washers.

The Machine Shop is equipped to provide all your turning, milling, grooving and secondary operation requirements. All provided by one or more of the following state-of-the-art, dedicated machines.

Machine Shop capabilities:

Turning up to 72” between centers Turning up to 40” OD Our CNC mill is capable of up to 50” X-axis, 20” Y-axis, 20” Z-axis with 4th axis up to 18” diameter Our CNC lathe capability extends to 40” OAL and 26” turning diameter, with third-axis live tooling All above with CAD/CAM interfacing

Further services provided include graphite impregnation (either plug or groove) and hydrostatic pressure testing of component items. All finished items or dimensionally inspected with in-house record keeping. We offer three-dimensional inspection utilizing the latest in Coordinate Measurement technology.